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Health Tests

We have a range of Health Tests
for Men, Women, and General Wellbeing.
Health Tests

Health Tests

There are many ways that we can monitor our own health from home. We can easily weigh ourselves and check what height we are; some people also measure their own blood pressure with a small blood pressure monitor at home or, if they are watching their blood sugars, they use a blood sugar monitor and a finger-prick blood test.

However, at bloodtest.co.uk, we believe that you should be able to easily access your inner health and wellbeing. Our blood so often holds the key to what’s truly going on with our system, from vitamin deficiencies to checking our energy levels.

A blood test can give you an honest answer, especially if you’ve been dealing with some health niggles lately. You may be experiencing some discomfort or be feeling more tired than usual – not enough to go to the doctor, but enough to make you wonder if there’s something not quite right.

A bloodtest.co.uk test is quick and very simple to do. It can give you peace of mind or give you something to take to your doctor for a conversation. You may need to tweak your diet, increase your exercise or you may require treatment. Our blood test will help you to understand how to get back on track, health-wise.

At bloodtest.co.uk, using blood tests as an early warning system is also key to what we do. As human beings, we are all different and what might not affect one person, could really impact another. We don’t always absorb vitamins from our food at the same rate and you might find you have a vitamin deficiency, even if you have a really healthy diet. Results of a blood test will show you where you can make small changes that add up to a big deal. These changes can also improve your longer-term health too. Modern processed food can be jam-packed with hidden sugars; soups, sauces and breads hide teaspoons of sugar, so you might be eating more sugar than you realise. Without knowing, you could be eating your way to diabetes, but a blood test can show you exactly how your levels are and let you make changes that could prevent you developing diabetes at all.

We can often make assumptions about our health based on appearance. Excess weight can put a strain on the heart, but so too can stress and it’s not often apparent until the worst – a heart attack or a stroke – happens. A blood test can act like an early warning system which will let you put in to place the steps you need to stay well.

A bloodtest.co.uk is a simple and affordable way of managing your own health and wellbeing. Delivered straight to your door and analysed in laboratories with the highest of clinical standards, you will be able to review your results in the comfort of your own home and stay in charge of your own health.