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About Us

Blood testing by BloodTest.co.uk
Blood tests and results,
delivered directly to your door.
Customer Types
  • Men
  • Women
  • Sports
  • Businesses
  • Councils
Our Specialties
  • Well woman
  • Well man
  • Cholesterol
  • General Health

Bloodtest.co.uk was created by our CEO Giles, who has a passion and personal interest in health matters. Frustrated with having a busy personal and work life, he sought to make having a blood test easier by having one sent direct to your door.

Testing that you can Trust

The quality of test results is extremely important to us.

Our partner laboratories operate to the highest clinical and administrative standards, and are fully accredited and UKAS Accrediated, coupled with registration with the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

All practicing scientists are registered with HCPC and are educated to MSc Level.

Our founder Giles decided to set up an online blood test service in which was convenient, affordable and most importantly, informative to the consumer, allowing them to understand their health far better than ever before.

No more missed calls or waiting for the doctor to call. No more results being given to you by the receptionist.

We deliver all of our blood test results direct to customers via their own online portal login, giving greater control and understanding, and our ethos is to allow customers the ability to choose what test they would like to take depending on how they feel.

Notable Experience
  • NHS trained staff
  • Various specialists
  • Laboratory techicians
  • Fast-turnaround testing
Featured On
  • Nottingham Evening Post
  • BBC

The Team

Founder & CEO
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Vasu Karri BSc(Hons), MBBS, MSc, FRCS(Plast) – Chief Medical Officer

Vasu is a medical doctor and is also a serial entrepreneur with a wealth of experience in management and business turnaround. He has built a solid reputation as a dynamic, insightful and positive leader in a number of business sectors.

He is the founder and owner of Kinvara Private Hospital and has extensive knowledge of the healthcare industry.

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Our founder Giles is a serial entrepreneur and founder of Bloodtest.co.uk. He successfully established a chain of aesthetic clinics in the North that consistently ranks highly in patient feedback. His strengths include extensive knowledge of digital marketing and a deep understanding of direct-to-consumer psychology.

single-handedly project managed the development of the Bloodtest website and optimised the UX to improve patient satisfaction and increase sales.

Dom - CTO
Dominic Osborne – CTO

Entrepeneur Dom joined Bloodest.co.uk to oversee and project-manage the development of the website, e-commerce, and Admin/Staff/Customer blood tests results portals.

Since 2004, Dom has helped small businesses like Medskin Clinic, to global brands such as Ducati, Nissan, Mercedes, Barclays, Unilever, Trelleborg and Legrand launch new products and services; win £50m projects creating 500 jobs; create semi and automated marketing tools; implement automation to reduce annual running costs – through online systems, websites, video, award-winning animation and far more.