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Need a Blood test?

Let Us Help You.

Fingerprick Blood Tests You Can Do Yourself at Home or Work.

Take Control of Your Health.
Save time. Gain peace of mind.

Frustrated at GP Queues?

We can help.

If you’re frustrated being on the phone to your local GP since the lines open at 8am, stuck in a queue…

You finally get through and are told all appointments for the day are already taken?

You just want to a quick blood test.
So take control.

Desperate to Check your health?

Maybe you’ve been tired a lot recently.

Maybe you are wondering how close you are to menopause.

Maybe you’re into fitness or just starting out, and you simply want to keep measuring your stats.

Whatever your reason to find out About your health,
Take control – We can help.

Want reliable blood sampling?

Tried to get hold of your GP and been told ‘no’ to a blood test you wanted?

Use a finger prick test in your own home or workplace to take your blood, and receive your results online.
Show your results to your GP.

Your results are sent directly back to you within 4 days.
Take Control of your Health.

How It Works

Order the right test for you.

We have a wide range of tests to cover your health needs. Whether you want to track your cholesterol, liver health, or bodybuilding fitness, we have something for you.

Collect your sample

Activate your test and take your finger prick sample in the morning. Return your blood sample on the same day, using the prepaid shipping label provided.


Results will be available to you in your secure online account within 2 to 5 days, once the laboratory analysis and medical notes are completed. An email will announce that results are available.


Simple Promise

Order your test. Receive a fingerprick test kit. Activate your kit online. Take your sample. Freepost to our laboratories. Await your results. Login at my.bloodtest.co.uk, once we email you to say your results are availalble!

What Our Customers Say

I found the test to be easy to use, with simple to follow instructions and great customer service. Would definitely use again!

Mike Holland

Thank goodness for bloodtest.co.uk. I can regularly monitor my health. The whole process is quick and simple and allows me to keep on top of my health.

Lisa Greene

I found bloodtest.co.uk online when my local GP was busy and so glad I did. Everything I needed to know via my online test. Great service.

David Abbot

Welcome to BloodTest.co.uk

We are the online home blood test service that lets you test your blood in your own home, without having to book time-consuming appointments or visiting your local surgery. It’s so simple – order the test you require online and we will send it direct to your door. You’ll be able to take your blood test when you’re ready and then get it back to us for analysis.

Keeping a Closer Eye on Your Health and Wellbeing

There are many positive things you can do to look after your health, but knowing the right thing to do for you isn’t always straightforward. Symptoms can creep up on you gradually and you only realise there’s something up after quite a while. It can put you off going to a doctor. It might be that you don’t want to bother the health service at a time when it is under extreme pressure. It might also have been some time since you were in a clinical setting and you’d prefer to keep it that way. However, your blood holds the key to how you’re doing – an at-home blood test can put you in the picture, with results back to you much more quickly than you might get from your local GP surgery. What’s more, bloodtest.co.uk’s results are delivered directly to our online portal so you can read them for yourself. So often, you only get blood results if you need treatment of some sort. If your blood shows that you might need to make a few small tweaks to improve your symptoms, it might be that your doctor doesn’t have the time or resources get back to you. How many blood tests are you still waiting to hear back from?

At Bloodtest.co.uk, all of our blood tests will give you results that you can use to make properly-informed decisions. You may need to speak to a health professional about treatment to improve your symptoms or you might just want to make some small changes to your lifestyle, but our blood test results help you to understand what needs to happen and why.

All Bloodtest.co.uk’s blood tests are undertaken at a regulated laboratory, where blood samples are analysed by professionals; your blood tests go through the same rigorous testing procedures as they would at an NHS laboratory. The only difference is that you get your results sent directly back to you. With bloodtest.co.uk, you’re in the safest of hands.

Bloodtest.co.uk offers a range of blood tests that look for different markers in your blood. We have worked hard to understand what the main symptoms that people want answers for are. We’ve identified a number of common symptoms and developed a range of blood tests that will give you the answers that you need. With our blood tests, we’ll be able to help you understand why you might be suffering from certain symptoms, such as fatigue and tiredness, and we’ll be able to identify vitamin deficiencies, hormonal imbalances, blood sugar and cholesterol. Our team of qualified nurses are also available to answer any questions that you might have on your results and help you to understand your next steps with a health professional.

Ordering a blood test kit from bloodtest.co.uk is very simple. Choose the test that you would like to complete from the range on our website, bloodtest.co.uk, and we will send it straight to your door. You can then take the test in your own home at a time that suits you, without having to make an appointment or go into a clinic or surgery. Once analysed, your blood test results will be reported to you, through direct secure access via our online portal. Our blood test service sets out your blood test results in full and you can review them as often as you wish, through our secure portal.

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