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Stirling Blood Tests

Your health, in your hands.

Monitor and track your own health today and over time with our home blood testing kits.

Living in Stirling, and in need of a Blood Test?

Private Blood Test Stirling

Needing Private Blood Test Stirling?

We offer Blood tests for those who are looking for a blood test in Stirling. Our blood test kits are sent direct to your home. On receipt of your kit, our instructions guide you on how to take your blood sample. On completion, you simply free-post your sample back to our laboratory. We aim to get your results back to you within 72 Hours on receipt of your test (excluding weekends).

One of the most important things in having your blood occasionally tested is to ensure your health is in order. The private blood test Stirling team can help you out with the various range of tests that we have on offer.

Our blood holds the key to many of the questions that we might have around our health. A private blood test is quick and easy and it gives you a comprehensive result that will help you to better understand any changes that you could make to improve your wellbeing. Blood tests can detect a wide number of conditions but they can also help you see how your health is in general. Sometimes, blood tests are requested by doctors in response to feeling tired, lethargic or if you feel that something isn’t working quite as it should. Increasingly, people are taking private blood tests so that they can proactively monitor their health and ensure they’re optimising their health and wellbeing. 

What does a blood test involve?

A fingertip blood test is not quite like a blood test that you might take at a hospital or medical practice. Rather than taking blood from a vein, this blood sample is taken via a small prick to the fingertip. The blood is then captured in a bottle and then goes to our lab for testing.

Typically, when blood is taken by a health professional, they take a sample from somewhere along the arm, such as the inside of the elbow or the wrist. The skin is prepared with an antiseptic wipe and a tourniquet is applied. A fine syringe is used to extract the blood and they tend not to be painful, with the sensation being described as a scratch and a small sting. The blood is captured in a vial, or maybe more than one, and it is then sent to the labs for analysis. Any discomfort lasts as long as the blood test and there will be no pain after the test, although a small bruise may show up.

Your blood test results will be ready for you within any time from a two to five days, depending on what your blood was being tested for.

A fingertip blood test is a great alternative for people who don’t enjoy traditional blood tests and it can be reassuring and convenient to undertake your own fingertip test in your own home, without having to make an appointment. 

As with a blood test administered by a health professional, there are some finger tip blood tests that do require some extra preparation before the blood is taken from the fingertip. Some blood tests require you to stop taking particular medications before testing. Other blood tests, known as fasting blood tests, can require you to fast for up to twelve hours beforehand.  

Your blood test pack will include details of any preparations that you might need to make in advance of your blood test. 

What can blood tests detect?

Blood tests are useful for detecting a great many conditions and diseases, but they can also be used to assess someone’s general state of heath. The reasons that you might want to or be required to take a blood test are: 

Thyroid problems

Thyroid problems typically present themselves in two different ways: an underactive thyroid or an overactive thyroid. It may also be that the thyroid is not the underlying cause of a health issue and a thyroid blood test can help to identify this. 

An underactive thyroid, which is also known as hyperthyroidism, is established by ascertaining the levels of the thyroid-stimulating hormone (TST) and FT4 in the bloodThe same blood test can also detect whether your thyroid is overactive, which is known as hypothyroidism. Both an underactive and an overactive thyroid will require swift treatment, so it is important to undertake a blood test when symptoms arise.  

Hormone tests

Blood tests for hormones can be taken for a wide number of conditions and they can be effective for both men and women at any life stage. 

Hormone blood tests are frequently used for testing levels of testosterone in both men and women. Men with low testosterone levels can experience health problems, while women with too much testosterone can also experience serious issues with health. 

General health and well-being checks for both men and women

While some blood tests are undertaken to identify an existing health problem, it can be very helpful to undertake a blood test to show your general health and to identify if there are any aspects of your health and wellbeing that you could improve. Our general health and wellbeing blood tests will assess your kidney function, your cholesterol levels, your iron levels, the performance of your digestive system and to check your vitamin levels to see if you are deficient or lacking inany of them. 

Blood testing for Iron levels

Low iron levels can impact our day-to-day health. Known as anaemia, it is estimated that almost one in four people will experience some form of anaemia at some time in their lives. A quick and simple blood test will ascertain if you are experiencing and suffering from low iron levels. With results back in less than one week, this blood test will undertake a complete blood count, which will look at the levels of haematocrit and haemoglobin, as well as your red blood cellslevels and your mean corpuscular volume. By measuring your levels and assessing your risk of anaemia, a health professional will be able to advise further treatment. 

Low iron levels can have a hugely negative impact on your day-to-day life as they can be responsible for low moods and fatigue, but they also cause chest pain and feelings of breathlessness. Once any anaemia has been diagnosed, you can take medical advice and treatment and enjoy feeling your energy levels increase.

How it Works

How1 512 Free shipping Red 01w - BloodTest.co.uk
1. Order and Receive Your Test

Order your Blood Test.
Receive it directly at home or work.
Delivered by courier with Free shipping.

2 Fingerprick Red 512w - BloodTest.co.uk
2. Take the Easy Finger-prick Blood Test

Activate your test online.
Collect 2-3 drops of blood.

3 Pre paid sample Red 512w - BloodTest.co.uk
3. Freepost your Blood sample to our laboratories

Use the pre-paid package to post to our laboratories.
Simply drop it into your nearest high-priority Royal Mail postbox.

4 Laboratory analysis Red 512w - BloodTest.co.uk
4. Our laboratory team run the tests

Tests are run by our staff in a clean and secure environment.
All possible measures are taken to keep Vampires out.

5 Secure online results Red 512w - BloodTest.co.uk
5. Receive Your Results within 7 days

We will email you to inform you that your blood test results are ready.
Login to your account to review the results.

6 Track your levels Red 512w - BloodTest.co.uk
6. Track your levels over time

With regular ongoing tests, you can track your results.
Check if you’re improving healthily or where changes could be made.

What Our Customers Say

I found the test to be easy to use, with simple to follow instructions and great customer service. Would definitely use again!

Mike Holland

Thank goodness for bloodtest.co.uk. I can regularly monitor my health. The whole process is quick and simple and allows me to keep on top of my health.

Lisa Greene

I found bloodtest.co.uk online when my local GP was busy and so glad I did. Everything I needed to know via my online test. Great service.

David Abbot

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